by Carrie Hassler

Rural Rhythm Records

Track 01:
“Luxury Liner”
(Gram Parsons, Brother Texas Music BMI, GPJ Music BMI, Hot Burrito Music BMI)

Luxury Liner, forty tons of steel
If I don’t find my baby now
I guess I never will
I’ve been a long lost soul
For a long, long time
I’ve been around
Everybody ought to know what’s on my mind
You think I’m lonesome, so do I
So do I

Well, I’m the kind of girl
Who likes to make a livin’ runnin ’round
And I don’t need a stranger
To let me know my baby’s let me down
You think I’m lonesome, so do I
So do I

Luxury liner, forty tons of steel
No one in this whole wide world
Can change the way I feel
I’ve been a long lost soul
For a long long time
I’ve been around
Everybody ought to know what’s on my mind
You think I’m lonesome, so do I
So do I

Track 2:
“All I Have To Do Is Breathe”
(Tim Stafford/Steve Gulley, Daniel House Music BMI Administered by Missing Link)
lyrics coming soon

Track 3:
“Catch My Breath”
(Bobby K. Boyd, Dale Roberson, Bobby Boyd Music BMI)

Verse 1:
No.  It’s not the first time….but it could be the last. I’ve made the same mistake again and fell in love to fast. But this time…..I’m not listening to what my heart will say. I just need some time to catch my breath…..before you take it away.         

Tonight…I’m gonna take it slow….and say what’s on my mind, and tomorrow if I’m lucky….love will live this time.                                           

Verse 2:
Yes. You feel like heaven. But its hell to let you go.  It’s hard to trust myself….when you’re holding me so close. But believe me….I’ll be in your arms the next time to stay. I just need some time to catch my breath before you take it away.

Track 4:
“Keep Your Memory Warm”
(Steve Gulley, Gulley’s Curve Music BMI)

Verse 1: 
Winters found its way into the mountains…snow flakes are flying through the air. When I see the early signs of winter…I know it won’t be long till you’re not here. The hardest part is just knowing you’re not with me…it gets so lonely when you’re not around. I know I’ll have to buy my time and miss you….till springtime finally thaws the icy ground.              

I’ll pray for the springtime…..I’ll wait for the sunshine. I’ll make believe that winter’s not that cold. I’ll tell myself that soon I’ll  get finally get the chance to hold you in my arms. But until then…I’ll just keep your memory warm.                                                  

Verse 2:
The snow is piling up and I still miss you….but I’m still stuck here on this mountain top. If I could make a way I’d be with you….and cause this awful pain inside to stop. I guess I’ll have to pray to God for patience and ask Him just to help me through each day. I’ll ask Him for His love and understanding…but before I say Amen I’ll have to say…                         

Chorus again……

Track 5:
“Eugene and Diane”
(Carl Jackson, Colonel Rebel Music ASCAP, Kentucky Thunder Music ASCAP, Rushing Water Music ASCAP, Lehsem Music ASAP)

Verse 1:
Eugene was tired of the smoky bars…and marriage to his ole guitar…he met Diane and thought she’d change his luck….but she was high society…fancy cars and diamond rings. He started feeling love was not enough. So  he never told her how he really felt…he just drifted off and kept it to himself. He never looked fell down on his knees….said girl won’t you marry me…..cause its with you that I long to grow old. But he never told her.                                              

Verse 2:
Diane was big on the social scene….she had the best of store bought dreams…..but he offered something she’d never had before. Still she could never quite let go……Eugene was just a rung below on the ladder of what she thought mattered most. She never told him….how she really felt. She just wrote it in a journal to herself. She never looked him in the eyes….swallowed every ounce of pride……said all I need is a little band of gold. But she never told him.         

Eugene sailed to Nashville and a loners life he lived…….Diane raised a daughter with some millionaire she wed…….they both lived and died regretting….all the things they never said……but he never told her…she never told him. That they never felt that way again. Now some words her daughter read and some pictures neath his bed….tell the story of a love that should’ve been. But he never told her and she never told him.

Track 6:
“Give My Love”
(Mark Wheeler/Raymond Fortner, Wahoo Creek Music BMI)

Track 7:
“Get Me Over You”
(Jennifer Strickland/Craig Market, Jenny Lynn Publishing BMI/Drop D. Publishing BMI)

Verse 1:
I’m writing this to you at 3AM….one more letter I will never send.

So much more than lines upon a page….maybe it don’t matter anyway.

You’ve been moving on or so it seems….so why do you still visit all my dreams…..could it be that I am losing touch….holding on to what is left or never was.             

They say time will make the heart forget but I’m not over you just yet….maybe I’m just bound to be a fool….to play the game of love again….the state of mind the shape I’m in…its more than I believe that I can do to get me over you.               

Verse 2:
I guess I need to learn to be alone….if I’m ever gonna make it on my own…..cause everybody knows that love won’t last in a heart that’s living in the past….so I’ll hide behind a smile when I’m afraid…and think about the choice I could’ve made….well maybe in some other place and time….like motion pictures playing over in my mind.

Track 8:
“The Distance”
(Ashley McBryde, Veejofetch Publishing BMI)