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HIGH RES (300 dpi) 2012 Album cover “The Distance” by Carrie Hassler  – download/view here.


HIGH RES (300 dpi) – Press Photo of CARRIE HASSLER (website photo) here.

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QUOTES for Carrie’s 2012 album THE DISTANCE

“….this set finds Hassler turning in a heartfelt vocal performance that puts her vocal and interpretative skills front and center with her claiming that real estate like a super pro that never has to look back.  The kind of Nashville album that fans have been clamoring for and complaining just isn’t made any more, this is proof that mainstream doesn’t have to be a dirty word.  Simply a super country album throughout.” Chris Spector.  Read the entire review at Midwest Record Reviews

“From the first time I heard Carrie Hassler’s voice years ago ~ from the first few notes she warbled~ I knew she was destined to become one of Bluegrass AND Country music’s biggest new voices!  If they hear her ~ they will love her!  I immediately spun her first hit tune, and I haven’t stopped including her in my weekly playlists.  I was proud to introduce her to our listeners as one of the finest voices this DJ had heard and was honored to be one of the first to spin her!  She is definitely a superstar vocalist!” – Gracie Muldoon

“If this album had only All I Have To Do Is Breathe and Catch My Breath to recommend it, it would still be exceptional; but all these other treasures, and all parties’ commitment to the music and the messages, make it one of the outstanding releases of 2012 thus far and, more important, a record sure to sound even better as the years wear on—it’s built to last, much like Carrie Hassler herself.” Read the entire review at THE BLUEGRASS SPECIAL

“As always, Hassler’s powerful voice is front and center, and she is assisted by some real heavyweights in the studio.” BLUEGRASS TODAY

“The Distance” by Carrie Hassler is the type of album where, if one just writes about her voice, we are cheapening the album. Sure, Carrie’s voice is now stamped in our history, but her ideas and feelings, are not only serious, but are placed in our souls so delicately and so lightly, with such generous grooves, such a generous feel and such a generous voice that we are blessed from the first moment to the last.” –   John Shelton Ivany

“Great musicianship, great songs and a great voice make this album one to hear.” POWER SOURCE MAGAZINE

“Carrie is back with eight great new songs and all is well with the World. ” –   Jim Moulton.  /

“Carrie Hassler’s  Luxury Liner carried me away.  Super tempo, superb vocals, and top of the line pickin’ plus a nod to Emmylou’s version.  Gram would’ve loved it.” – Barry Tashian (Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band, Barry & The Remains and more)

“Wow! Luxury Liner is a fantastic performance by Carrie Hassler. It’s great to receive new music by Carrie and hear her beautiful voice on such fresh and engaging material.” – Kyle Cantrell – SiriusXM Radio

“It’s another strong release for Hassler.” – Keith Lawrence, Omni Bluegrass


Holy smoke! Hassler’s latest-no-holds-bared release demonstrates remarkable talent. From her blistering arrangement of “One Way Track To Nowhere” to an affective “Turn The Page,” Hassler is at the top of her game.” ~ Bob Mitchell, Radio Bluegrass International

“This is a top-notch bluegrass band, an Alison Krauss on high-octane gas. While some of their their songs (Country Strong, Seven Miles to Wichita) come to mind wouldn’t feel out of place on a say, a Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride or even Faith Hill album, this is a kick-tail bluegrass band with incredible instrumentalists on fiddle, banjo, Dobro and mandolin. All led by Hassler’s sweet and strong classic country voice.” ~ Mac McDonald, Monterey, CA – The Herald

“Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain’s new CD is probably the best that I’ve heard this year, from a stunning debut to a super sounding sophomore disc. Carrie Hassler is the Carrie Underwood of bluegrass. Great material, a label willing to put out the money to get a really super sounding disc, real refreshment.” Jim Moulton – CountryStarsOnline

“Energetic and crisp, CHHR 2 is a hard-driving bluegrass album that showcases one of the most talented and imaginative sets of musicians in the genre today.”  ~ The 9513 Country Music

“For one thing, Hassler has a presence as a vocalist, her voice clear and precise. More than that, she controls it, avoiding the pitfalls of many a young vocalist who try to push the limits. Listening to each song, you can feel her love for the music and you most certainly hear it. She does not do it alone. Hard Rain is one superb bluegrass/country outfit, both vocally and instrumentally.” ~ Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“Better buckle your seat belts before light hits byte on this set, her debut was no fluke. Whether she was holding back or just honed her chops more with 2 years of road work, Hassler is the future of bluegrass. With playing and singing that can easily rival the great ladies at the fore of the form these days, Hassler doesn’t need to elbow them aside as the drive, passion and pure musicality puts her toe to toe with them. Firmly establishing herself as a front runner, this is not polite bluegrass, this is a high octane excursion that opens the ears and gets the blood flowing. Hot stuff.”

“The instrumental talents of Hard Rain band members Josh Miller on banjo, brothers Kevin and Keith McKinnon on mandolin and guitar, Jamie Harper on fiddle and Travis Anderson on bass enhance the strong vocal talents of Hassler, maintaining an alluring balance throughout. The comparisons to Alison Krauss and Union Station are justified with their appealing sound. CHHR also attempts, and successfully pulls off, a bluegrass variation on the Bob Seger classic Turn The Page. No sophomore let down here.”  ~ COUNTRY STANDARD TIME

“The CCH2 CD is #1 of the BEST OF THE YEAR.” ~ Bryan Dietz, Bluegrass MidAmerica Radio

Carrie has a powerful voice that is crystal clear. Definitely a CD that will stay in my player for a while.” ~ Country Music Facts and

“I Can Go Back Anytime is a ‘homerun’ for Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain! Carrie continues to impress me with her talents!” ~ Cindy BAUCOM, KNEE-DEEP IN BLUEGRASS

“From the hard drivin’ bluegrass cuts to the wonder ballads, they all should be monster hits.” ~ Clyde Scott, Bluegrass

“If this isn’t a hit, I’m in the wrong business.”  ~ Terry Herd, Bluegrass Radio Network, Into the Blue Radio Show

“Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain’s new single release ‘I Can Go Back Anytime’ takes us back only a short time ago – when she was brand spankin’ new voice/band and wowing the skeptical bluegrass crowds with her powerful vocals and the meticulously perfect vibes of Hard Rain. We were bowled over by the top shelf image and sound that they had, when we felt the first few droplets of Hard Rain’s many talents. WOW – they certainly are thrilling folks again, with a brand new wonderful song! She can ‘GO BACK WITH US ANYTIME’ and she knows it! Take us where you will, Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain!!! We’re along for the duration!” ~ Gracie Muldoon,

“Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain – They have moved up in the bluegrass world in a major way in the past year. With hard-driving, modern day bluegrass to a Patsy Cline sound, they have covered the bases.” Cyndi Nelson ~ Gadsden Times (AL)

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